March 11, 2021

Future Podcast Episodes

I have been asked several times what kinds of ideas I have for discussions, so I'm going to keep this article updated with ideas for future interviews, and use this as reference for those questions.

Types of episodes I'd like to record:

  1. Standard interviews on a specific topic
  2. Brainstorming sessions - This is currently just an idea.  I'd like to get together a group of creators to take some standard shoot ideas and come up with ways to make them more interesting.
  3. Portfolio review and planning - Another idea I haven't recorded an example of.  I'd like to bring in a really experienced creator and pair them with a fairly new creator and discuss how to improve their current work, and build a plan to get to where they want to go
  4. Shoot and post-shoot discussion with picture review and edit - This came up as an idea on a recent podcast.  We would do a shoot, and then sit down and record the picture choosing and editing session afterwards.  Discuss which pictures we liked, and how we wanted to edit them.

Interview topics for all types of content creators

  • Social Media
    • How to build a following online
    • How to maintain a following online
    • How to monetize your social media following
    • What laws/rules exist for social media that you should be aware of when making adult content
  • Boundaries
    • Setting and maintaining personal boundaries while working
    • How and when you should push your creative boundaries
  • Working with other people
    • Finding others to partner with
    • Should you work with people regularly or find a muse?
  • Types of work (finding, doing, marketing, selling)
    • Art Nude
    • Erotic
    • Explicit
    • Fetish
      • Voyeur/Exhibitionist
      • Dom/Sub
      • Bondage
      • Sadism/Masochism
      • Materials/Clothing based
        • Vinyl
        • Leather
        • Stockings/Nylons
        • Shoes
      • Spanking/Caning/Flogging
      • Roleplay
      • Cosplay
      • Choking
      • Cuckold/Cuckquean
      • Humiliation
      • Age Play
  • Budgets
    • Setting budgets
    • Finding investors
    • What does additional budget buy you?  
  • History of nude modeling 
    • Art history  
    • Past few decades during the transition to digital
  • Selling your work
    • Getting published
    • Selling prints
    • Selling to private collectors
    • Working for others 
    • Selling on OF/Patreon
    • Creating your own website
    • Non-Fungible Tokens
    • Other venues for making a living
  • Meta discussions
    • Making ethical erotica/using erotica ethically
    • Choosing appropriate style, context and vibe for your audience
      • Example - Art Nude print audience vs. Foot Fetish audience
    • Developing set ideas/the creative process - From brainstorming to execution
    • Legality - How do you tell what is legal to shoot where you are, staying within compliance with the laws, etc.

Interview topics for models/camgirls:

  • Building a wardrobe
  • Cosplay
  • "Your first year modeling - getting it right"
  • Film vs. Still work
  • Screening photographers
  • Touring
  • Equipment for making solo/self shot content
    • Lighting

Interview topics for photographers and videographers:

  • Finding locations
  • Meeting models
  • "Your first year shooting - getting it right"
  • Equipment - Picking the correct gear for the shoot
    • Lighting
  • Gallery shows
    • What changes when the art is nude/erotic/explicit?
    • Where to find locations willing to display adult work?

Other Content Creators:

  • OnlyFans Coordinator - What is this?  What do they do?
  • Website Developers/Admins for dedicated adult websites
  • Erotica film directors
  • Erotica film producers
  • Adult marketing
  • Painters/Figure Artists - While technically not photography I think it would be interesting to sprinkle some discussions around how these differ in from time to time

If it has anything to do with making adult content, I'd love to speak with you.  I'm sure we can find something interesting to discuss.