June 9, 2022

Why I've Decided to Pay My Podcast Guests

This has come up a few times, so I thought it might be worth a blog post on the subject. 

The current standard in the podcast industry is NOT to pay guests.  Guests are expected to come on the podcast for "exposure."  If this is true, then why am I trying to pay my guests?  There are two reasons. 

First of all, as a small and fairly new podcast, I don't have much exposure to give.  The exposure of being on the podcast isn't worth much.  If I could guarantee a model on the podcast that being on here would lead to three new bookings over the next month, then I could honestly tell them that the "exposure" was worth something of value.

Second, I believe that people's time is worth something.  It's a common issue in the modeling industry for content creators to attempt to use TFP, or Trade for Print, to rip off unsuspecting models.  There are legitimate uses and times for TFP, but the illegitimate uses far outweigh those. 

Besides, the people I want to come on the podcast are those who are making their living modeling and photographing models.  If I want them to continue doing that work, and making that art, then I should be supporting them and paying them.  

Even when the "exposure" of being on The NSFW Photography Podcast is worth something, I'd still like to be paying guests.  It fits my worldview.