July 4, 2022

More Monetization Thoughts - Options for Providing Value

As mentioned in the last blog post, at expected rates of participation, I need a lot of regular listeners before I can make the podcast self sustaining.  14,000 listeners per episode at a Patreon/OF subscriber percentage of 1% @ $5 would make it possible to continue to pay guests each month. 

Given that having over 3,000 downloads in 7 days puts a podcast in the top 1%, according to The Podcast Host, simply relying on Patreon for a podcast with a limited audience such as this one is probably not going to be sufficient.  Admittedly, my estimations for Patreon were fairly pessimistic (1% response rate, only at a $5 level).  If I could increase the participation rate, or increase how much people are willing to pay, that does change the calculations significantly.

But after some discussions with recent guests (Ziva, Gerald, Raven), I realized I had other options to help monetize the podcast - Clip stores!  So I'm not going to put all of my eggs in the Patreon basket.

My core audience of the podcast is photographers/videographers and models who want to either get into the adult industry, or improve the quality of their work in the adult industry.  They tend to listen to every episode. There is a secondary audience of "model admirers" who find the podcast through social media of the models who guest on the podcast or Google searches, and only listen to single episodes.  

So providing a Patreon would not bring in those single serving listeners.  They want more from a single guest.  They are not really fans of the podcast.  What can I do for those listeners?  

The interview hasn't come out yet, but I threw several ideas past Raven Vice when we sat down, and she helped me distill down several thoughts for supplementary products that can be easily created when I sit down with models, and then sold separately from the podcast.  Especially if it helps sell the fantasy that the models' fans are looking for.

All ideas below are presented for consideration and negotiation with the guest.  

  1. Podcast related videos
    1. Under Table Videos during the podcast - We've discussed with several guests the making of fetish specific content, especially of feet.  Adding a camera under the table, especially something designed with a deep and wide field of view, might be of interest to fans of models who are comfortable with that content.
    2. Nude Podcasting - Not sure if anyone would really be interested in this, but I'm willing to try it once and see if it sells.   
  2. Additional audio content of explicit stories, either of a personal or fictional nature. 
    1. Sexual History/Preferences discussions - Within model boundaries of course! 
    2. Porn reviews - Review a specific clip
    3. Sex Toy reviews
  3. Solo content in video form, more typical of what you see in a clip store.  This may or may not be connected to a podcast narrative.  As the fan is there for the model, and not the podcast, connecting it to the podcast may not provide additional value.

At this point in time (July 2022) I have extended interviews for the last three interviews (to start a Patreon with), but I don't have any of the above content.  So for new interviews going forward, I will be asking confirmed guests if they are comfortable with doing additional content either within the above or similar to the above to help get the podcast to being revenue neutral.   

So expect to see some Supplemental Content in a clip store near you sometime in the September timeframe!  Keep an eye on Twitter, as that is where it will be announced!